Guest Author: Tara Jackson



Wellness as a concept should be [and is] an ingrained part of the nature of humanity, but where we find ourselves is immersed in a commercialised market of assimilation in a definition of “wellness.” The wellness market is booming, and everyone seems to have some iteration of advice or opinions on what wellness means in a contemporary context and is promoting how you can incorporate it into your life.

What really is wellness? Is it what you eat and drink? Is it the amount of exercise you do? Is it looking a certain way? Is it following a set of habits and routines?

As a wellness coach, I’ve learned that wellness isn’t something you do, it’s something you feel. And what wellness is to you may be totally different to someone else. For a long time I believed that wellness was fitting into a certain size of clothing as portrayed by mainstream Western media, and I would starve and torture myself in an effort to do so. As a result, I was often left feeling exhausted, hungry, out of balance, and constantly unsatisfied as I tried to reach this elusive “wellness” destination.

We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables, eating fewer processed foods, and getting our bodies moving are good for our health. Aside from that, there can be way too many things that one feels like they “should” be doing when it comes to wellness. Taking a certain number of supplements, making sure to include superfoods, cutting out meat, making sure to eat meat, avoiding sugar at all costs, having a morning routine, meditating every day — all the information out there can be a confusing and contradictory minefield, and it’s sometimes hard to know where to even start!

What I’ve learned is that getting to know YOU in the context of self and what it takes to feel good in your body is key. This requires some patience and trust and an ongoing journey of self-awareness of all parts of your life. But to start you off, here are some ways you can start connecting with yourself, to figure out what you need when it comes to YOUR wellness.

Do you ever get any sudden mood changes?
How do you feel after eating/drinking certain foods?
Do you love/enjoy what you do every  day?
Do you have time to rest?
Do your relationships/friendships nourish and support you?
How are your energy levels throughout the day?
Do you have time to express yourself creatively?
Do you ever feel anxious and/or stressed?
Do you feel fulfilled?
Do you wake up feeling energised? 

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Once you are aware of how you feel now, you can begin to make changes towards how you want to feel, and include activities, movement, foods, and drinks that will support you holistically and make your wellness journey entirely unique to you.


Tara is a holistic wellness coach and the author of “Embodied: A Self-Care Guide for Sensitive Souls”. She supports people with seasonal and cyclical self-care, self-love, reconnecting with themselves, and being fully embodied, so that they can thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

You can find out more at www.tarajackson.co.uk.
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