The Food

Bambino, situated within the modern and elegant confines of the Nine West Building in the bustling Westlands Business District, is a culinary haven where Latin and Italian flavors seamlessly entwine. Our cuisine is a celebration of inventive authenticity, offering a variety of freshly made specialty foods in a casual yet beautifully decorated atmosphere. With a focus on combining fresh ingredients in flavorful ways, we specialize in delivering dishes that prioritize optimum taste and freshness.

The Space

Nestled within the vibrant Westlands Business District, Bambino welcomes you to a contemporary and stylish dining space within the Nine West Building. The restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere where you can savor the fusion of Latin and Italian cuisines. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal amidst the modern decor, Bambino offers a culinary haven that balances casual comfort with an elegant setting.

Latin Italian




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