Sat 9th - Sun 17th March 2024

ndw 2024

  • Opportunity Factory
  • Tickets - Early Bird KSh200 Adults / Gate KSh300 Early Bird KSh100 U - 18 & Students / Gate KSh150
  • Transportation



Welcome to iNNAIROBI.COM’s exclusive coverage of Nairobi Design Week (NDW)! As we gear up for the 2024 festival, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with NDW, marking the beginning of an exciting partnership that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the vibrant design ecosystem in Nairobi and beyond.

Nairobi Design Week, now in its 8th year, has evolved into a beacon of creativity, providing a platform for both digital and physical creators to showcase their talents. Each year, NDW selects a theme that resonates with us all, both on a personal and global scale, reflecting the essence of design in our lives. This annual event not only highlights the best in design but also fosters a sense of intimacy between the audience and the design community, offering workshops and discussions that delve deeper into the world of design.

At iNNAIROBI.COM, we are passionate about highlighting the works of NDW and its participants, offering insights into their creative processes, inspirations, and contributions to the design landscape. Through our collaboration, we aim to provide you with an immersive experience, bringing you closer to the heart of Nairobi’s design scene and showcasing the incredible talent that defines NDW.

Join us as we explore the past, present, and future of Nairobi Design Week, and dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds.


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Afrika Design, a captivating podcast, embarks on a creative journey through the diverse landscapes of Africa. Serving as a unique platform, the podcast shines a spotlight on the talents and innovations of designers and artisans who have been featured in previous Nairobi Design Week (NDW) festivals. With each episode, Afrika Design delves into the stories behind the showcased creatives, providing listeners with an immersive experience that goes beyond the visual aesthetics. The podcast not only celebrates the rich tapestry of African creativity but also serves as a dynamic testament to the influence and impact of NDW in championing and promoting the continent’s design talents. Through engaging narratives, insightful interviews, and an exploration of the vibrant and evolving design scene, Afrika Design offers a compelling and comprehensive glimpse into the diverse and flourishing world of African creativity.


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