Who knows how long the airport will be closed — or if we’ll ever be able to afford to plane tickets after this is over — but the good news is you can see the world from your home. From the great parks in the U.S. to the Great Wall, it’s not hard to imagine you’re really there with these high-quality online experiences.


Yosemite National Park – U.S.

This park (pronounced yoh-sem-it-ee) in Northern California was named after a feared tribe that lived there (it comes from the Miwok phrase for “they are killers”). Today it is occupied by a steady stream of tourists, hikers, and rock climbers — 4 million annually. You can explore its stunning cliffs and giant sequoia tree groves online. (Afterwards, watch Free Solo for the story of a harrowing unassisted climb of the famed El Capitan rock face in the park.)


Great Wall of China – China

This wall is significantly more real than the one Trump keeps threatening to build. Click your way through tremendous views from various stops on this snaking, jaw-dropping structure.



Explore this 3D model of Mars, which scientists have constructed from images taken by the Curiosity rover. Put on your best R2-D2 voice and pretend you’re a robot wandering the Martian surface — and learn more about the Curiosity mission while you’re at it.

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Versailles Palace – France

Versailles was home to the royal family of France for a century before the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stripped it of most of its furnishings and art. Most of what was taken has been returned — except the royal family of course — and today it is a gleaming sight to behold. (And it leaves little doubt regarding what might have inspired the revolutionary spirit…) Soak it all in through this detailed virtual tour.


Monterey Bay Aquarium – U.S.

The live video cameras at this world-renowned aquarium let you peep on penguins, sharks, sea otters, jellyfish, and more starting from 5p EAT each day. Incredibly soothing — and we need it!