From Blankets to Koroga, the 10’s saw a rise in outdoor celebrations. We take a look at juggernauts that shaped the game:

Blankets & Wine

Beyond the fun in the sun, Blankets has become synonymous with showcasing Kenyan talent. From Mayonde to Kabochi, Prisca to Kagwe, each year the festival curates an inspired mix of local and international talent. Curated by MDQ .

(Cred. Good Times Africa)


True to its name, Koroga has consistently developed local flavour. The music, décor, and cuisine offerings almost seem to have carved their own niche as kitenge-chic pairings.

(Cred. Turnup Travel Experiences)


Beneath the Baobabs lies unmatched creativity, exploration, and community. As Kilifi NYE grows, it attracts partygoers in search of what many of the veterans would call freedom.

(Cred. African Festival Adventures)


Made by creatives for creatives. While many events place emphasis on the food and drink, Sondeka hones in on innovation across all disciplines: one minute you’re donning a flower crown and the next you’re being introduced to a young engineer’s first robot. This event is one to look out for if you’re keen to know what is new across the city.

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(Cred. Sondeka Festival)

Jazz Fest

Many a talented musician has been failed by poor organisation, many an eager fan has been lost due to poor sound. None of these statements can be said for the Safaricom Jazz Fest. For jazz aficionados and the green listener alike, Jazz Fest proved that appreciation for the arts can be done on a massive, globally competitive scale.

(Cred. Safaricom PLC)