Nairobi Design Week (NDW) 2015 was a vibrant celebration of creativity and innovation, focusing on themes that are integral to the development of Kenya and the African continent as a whole. From November 14th to November 22nd, the festival brought together designers, artists, and thought leaders to explore and discuss the role of design in various aspects of society.

Design Market

Exhibitors from all design disciplines with a wide range of products and services showcased their work.


The festival centered around five key themes:

  1. Environment & Wildlife
  2. Education & IT
  3. Health & Nutrition
  4. Law & Security
  5. Transport & Infrastructure

These themes were not only relevant to the local context but also addressed global challenges, highlighting the importance of design thinking in finding sustainable solutions.


  • Village Market: The festival kicked off with the launch at the DXD Awards, hosted by UpNairobi magazine at Village Market. The Design Market at Village Market featured exhibitors from various design disciplines, showcasing a wide range of products and services.
  • University of Nairobi (School of Art & Design): The festival included workshops on Human-Centered Design (HCD) and its application in different organizations. Speakers discussed examples of HCD in healthcare, rural Kenya, and the public sector, highlighting the impact of design thinking on solving real-world challenges.
  • Creatives Garage: KnownAfrique launched their flagship product, the Law App, at a design chill-out event at Creatives Garage. This event provided a platform for designers and creatives to showcase their work and innovations.
  • iHub Design Challenge: A 24-hour Design Challenge was held at iHub, where teams worked on solutions to local and global limitations in Education and Transport using technology.
  • PAWA254: PAWA254 hosted workshops on the business of design and art activism, aiming to educate designers on the fundamentals of business and activism in the design field.
  • Women in Tech Workshop & Open Day: Moringa School, located at Nairobi Garage, organized a workshop on ‘Women in Technology’ to provide insights into the world of Information Technology for women.
  • The Foundry: PechaKucha, a network event for creatives, took place at The Foundry, where selected creatives shared their ideas and work with the audience.

Festival Credits:

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The success of Nairobi Design Week 2015 was made possible by the dedication and hard work of the organizing team, including Adrian Jankowiak (Creative Director), Rina Waligo (Creative Project Manager), and Edwin Openda (Technology Lead), among others.


NDW 2015 was supported by various partners, including What’s Good Studios & What’s Good Live, Vi’enle Photography, Village Market, Amani Institute, UpNairobi, and many others. Their contributions were instrumental in making the festival a resounding success.

Nairobi Design Week 2015 was not just a celebration of design but also a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change in society.

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