Nairobi Design Week 2022 unfolded as a captivating exploration of the intricate layers that define our living spaces, from the physical to the digital, and from personal experiences to community interactions. Spanning from April 3rd to April 10th, the festival delved deep into the theme ‘Where We Live,’ inviting participants to reflect on the environments that shape us and the ways in which we can positively impact our surroundings.


  1. The Heritage Project: Brian Njenga’s project recreated digital versions of Kenyan artifacts located in foreign museums, making them accessible to locals through VR/AR and 3D printing.
  2. Enkang’ Ang’: Led by Naitiemu, this project offered a VR and audio experience of the lifestyle of Maasai women and their traditional homestead, Enkang’.
  3. WhereWeLiveVR: Created by Realtyme Kenya, this 3D, VR experience acted as a companion to the physical event, exploring the concept of preservation in a digital realm.
  4. Journey Through the Senses: A celebration of human sensory perception through art, performance, science, and technology, with a focus on synesthesia.
  5. Africhibi: Characters inspired by culture, created by Nairobi Design Week and brought to life by community artists.
  6. CHESH: A game exploring the relationship between skateboarding and chess by Zamani Skateboards.
  7. Tribal Instagram Filters: Adam Yawe’s use of technology to explore and share more about Kenyan traditions through Instagram filters.
  8. Scents and Intimacy: Wicks, Wax, and Wonders Candle Co. aimed to enhance moments and memories through scent.


  1. Quarter Acre Developers: Showcased an 88-bedroom apartment complex designed for developing African cities, encouraging minimalism, zero waste, and a sharing mindset.
  2. Doing Zero: Continuing from the previous year, a partnership with Design Manchester & British Council to build an urban farm with the community.
  3. Bespoke Bamboo Products: BarryANDStudio showcased bamboo craftsmanship, construction, and plantation establishment.
  4. Free Mind Sessions: A challenge to create a miniature community with amenities that enhance human experience now and in the future.
  5. Swap & Collab Lab: A platform for sharing resources and collaborating on projects for sustainable living.
  6. Jada Marshleys: Abstract jewelry reflecting human existence under the universe.
  7. A Collection to Showcase Nairobi: Kaliworks presented a collection to highlight Nairobi as a global city.


A unique audio film series capturing the lives and experiences of those who fought for Kenya’s independence, presented as an immersive forest experience.

How can we build careers that we love?

FUZU hosted a workshop focusing on career tools and job recommendations in Africa.

The Starving Thriving Artist:

A workshop by Sinapis teaching entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses while making a social impact.

RefuSHE Tie & Dye Workshop:

Empowering refugee women through tie & dye scarf making.

Women in Animation:

See Also

Highlighting women pushing the limits of creativity in animation.

Functional Handcrafted Art:

The Art Carte showcased hand-drawn illustrations and distinctive color palettes.


  • Under Our Skin: An International Human Rights Film Festival providing a platform for filmmakers to share works focused on human rights.
  • Bangarang: A film inspired by the true events of the Kenyan Post-Election violence.
  • If Objects Could Speak: A film following filmmakers on a journey to discover the roots of a Kenyan artifact.

Nairobi Design Week 2022 was a testament to the power of design to shape our understanding of where we live, from the physical to the cultural, and from the past to the future.