Exploring the depths of musical history is a unique experience in a world where fast-paced sounds and appealing melodies are the norm. The trip is made much more fascinating when it arrives in Turkana, Kenya, a region renowned for its rich cultural heritage.

Although violence and poverty have traditionally made headlines in Northern Kenya, the area is also incredibly beautiful and rich in cultural history. The biggest desert lake in the world, Lake Turkana, is located amid its harsh, dry surroundings. The lake was given the name Jade Sea because of its unusually emerald waters, and its craters and crocodile-filled islands make it one of the world’s most unusual tourist destinations.

Turkana is undergoing a cultural transformation right now, and artists there and elsewhere have had a chance to contribute to the conversation and elevate art above the region’s most pressing problems through Turkana Sessions.

Turkana Sessions

We dive into Turkana Sessions, where traditional melodies and innovative rhythms meet against one of Kenya’s most stunning backdrops. The outstanding Eddie Grey from Nairobi is joined by the proud boys and daughters of Turkana, Jackson Nakuwa, Mourine Apuu, Jackson Ekori, and Elizabeth Korikel. They come together as a dream team of musicians, fusing the sounds of their ancestors with contemporary flare.

Turkana Sessions is a celebration of history and a tribute to the colorful fabric of Turkana culture — more than just a musical partnership. Every note carries the spirit of tradition, from the soul-stirring melodies that reverberate over the wide expanse of the Turkana countryside to the rhythmic chants passed down through generations.

“The people of Turkana are happy to have their story told through the visual and musical journey curated by the projects Content House has implemented. They are happy to have thier culture shared.”

Not only is the music unique to Turkana Sessions but so is the way it is portrayed to the outside world. Let us introduce you to Content House Kenya, the creative force behind this ground-breaking endeavor. Their mastery of story and graphic expression is revolutionizing how we perceive and value cultural heritage.

Content House Kenya

Content House Kenya vividly and authentically captures the spirit of Turkana in their narrative music videos. Every shot has been meticulously designed to transport viewers to this ancient land’s sights and sounds, inspiring awe and exploration.

It’s more than just amusement; it’s also about understanding and appreciation. Content House Kenya is bringing history to life by fusing contemporary visual storytelling techniques with aspects of culture and tradition. Communities must be viewed as equal partners in light of the region’s abundance of precious minerals. They are the guardians of a rich past that can contribute to our understanding of the significance of these natural resources to African thought.

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It’s time to rewrite the history of Northern Kenya, showcase its artistic traditions to the world, and encourage Africans and Kenyans to draw inspiration from their cultural heritage.

Content House Kenya have also engaged the Turkana culture through intriguing visual and culturally inspiring projects such as Robots Reimagined, The Flyest Wedding in Africa, ArtistsXchange, Oil + Milk just to name a few. We here at iN will keep you posted with extensive reviews of the projects as well as inspirational visuals tuning us to the Turkana cultural heritage that is rich in history and authenticity.

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By Topher Bier