The space

Step into Asmara Restaurants and immerse yourself in an afro-contemporary setting that embodies the spirit of our culinary fusion. Our locations in Pangani, Westlands along General Mathenge, Karen along Ngong’ Road, and Lavington along Othaya Road are carefully designed to provide a stylish and inviting atmosphere. The spaces reflect a perfect balance between contemporary elegance and the cultural richness we embrace. Whether you seek an intimate dining experience or a vibrant gathering with friends, Asmara Restaurants offer a welcoming environment where the ambiance enhances the pleasure of every bite.

The food

At Asmara Restaurants, our culinary philosophy is a harmonious fusion of Eritrean and Continental flavors. Established in 2009, our commitment to exceptional dining experiences is evident in every dish we serve. Delight your palate with a unique blend of afro-contemporary gastronomy, where Eritrean culinary traditions meet the sophistication of Continental cuisine. From traditional Eritrean dishes to Continental delights, each plate is a masterpiece, meticulously prepared to elevate your dining experience.

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