May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to prioritize self-care and mental well-being. Wellness isn’t just about hitting the gym or eating kales (although those are great too!). It’s about nourishing your mind, body, and soul in ways that make you feel vibrant and alive. Whether it’s taking a walk in nature, practicing mindfulness, or simply enjoying a good book, let’s indulge in the little things that bring us joy and peace. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish—it’s essential. 

Here we take a look at the mindfulness and wellness side of mental health by highlighting some practices available here in NBO. Make sure to scroll all the way down to catch the individual practitioners, who offer a variety of paths for personal development. Our list is not exhaustive, but these are people and places we definitely enjoy and trust. All venues and practitioners listed welcome people of all abilities, ages, faiths and perspectives.

Mental Wellness Expo 3-4 May 2024 FREE ENTRY

Focusing on breaking the stigma and raising awareness for mental health, the Mental Wellness Expo at the Sarit Expo Centre, Westlands will be showcasing companies and professionals in the mental health space, demystifying mental health and uniting for collective well-being. Expect insightful panel discussions, exclusive access to industry experts, and uplifting wellness activities.

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Wellness Venues

Yoga At the Godown

Yoga at the Godown aims to make yoga available and accessible to all. They run donation based community yoga classes on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday Community Yoga Class (Yoga & Chai) from 9:00 to 10:15 am. Classes are Vinyasa yoga, mostly to a prepared playlist, and a poem is shared. Classes are open to all levels. Occasionally workshops on yoga basics such as alignment are conducted.  Located at Godown Arts Centre, Kahyawe Rd, Kilimani.

@yogagodown Chat on WhatsApp with +254 722 617672

Dojo Wellness Club

With a serene spa-style aesthetic, Karen’s Dojo Wellness Club is a dynamic environment where people are inspired to find their wellness. They offer a wide range of classes throughout their multifunctional equipped space, combined with professional instructors to help you improve strength, endurance, balance and mobility. In-house physiotherapists and masseuse are also available to help you heal, restore and keep your body functioning at optimum levels. The premises include a Revive Bar, offering coffee, smoothies and snacks. Additionally, there are steam, sauna and relaxation spaces. @dojokenya

Bikram Yoga Nairobi

Bikram Yoga is a very specific system of hot yoga founded by Bikram Choudhury. Classes consist of a fixed sequence of 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas) and are practised in a room heated to 105 °F (41 °C) with a humidity of 40%, intended to replicate the climate of India. You can read more about this practice on their website and find their daily schedule of classes. BYN also has a Juice Bar with specially formulated juices and smoothies to support your practice. Located in Lavington. @bikramyoganbo 

The Nest

Nestled in a spacious garden in Karen, The Nest is an open sided studio for Music, Dance, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Qigong and Yoga, where you can hear the birds singing as you practice. This peaceful and nature infused studio offers classes for all levels as well as specialist one off workshops with visiting practitioners. 


Our Wonderhouse

Our WonderHouse was born out of the belief that we need a space to express and explore ourselves. A place where we can be vulnerable and playful, be on a journey of inner transformation and be supported and seen. A home for those of us who want to try, dream, to get out of our comfort zone in a safe space without judgement and to connect in meaningful ways.

Wonderhouse offers weekly yoga and meditation as well as creative workshops regularly. @ourwonderhouse


Provisions, in Lower Kabete, was founded by sisters Nancy and Susie Kinyanjui who share a passion for natural and useful finds. While Provisions is a home goods boutique, they also host many holistic events, including weekly yoga classes. In addition, you can purchase lovely wellness related products such as gorgeous own brand essential oils and aromatherapy products. @provisionskenya 

Chez Mahmadi

Surrounded by art works by local artists, this is a multifunctional space in Kitisuru where guests can feel at home. Chez Mahmadi offers the opportunity to realign mind, body and spirit by practising yoga with trained instructors or joining an arts and crafts class in their creative studio with other artists and teachers, complemented by masterclasses and talks. Additionally, guests can relax and unwind over a cup of tea or coffee, and eat nourishing and delicious food, in beautiful natural surroundings.


Hob House

Known for its delectable Lebanese cuisine, Hob House is equally well known for hosting yoga classes and wellness events and can provide various types of massages. Hob in Arabic means love and it is with this intention that owners Peter and Kelly wanted to create a caring and warm experience for their guests. @hob_house

Beyond Body

This Kitisuru boutique fitness studio offers a range of unique classes to fit all, including children. Classes on offer include: Barre, TRX, Mat Yoga, Yoga Trapeze, Feet Up Yoga and Pilates. Plus there’s Yoga and Trapeze classes for kids.


Kanga Studio Nairobi at Ikigai

Kanga Studio in Peponi Rd. provides a nurturing and safe space where you can connect with yourself and a community of like-minded people. Offering the practice of authentic yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, sound healing and other healing activities, you will enjoy a holistic wellbeing journey with guidance from experienced teachers and therapists. Here, you can join a community of people interested in conscious living. You can enjoy a cup of tea in the lush gardens and connect with nature as you grow in your spiritual practice in a safe, warm and healing space. @kangastudionairobi

Fluid Yoga & Wellness

Westlands studio with a minimal, urban vibe and affordable pricing, offering a range of yoga and fitness styles including: vinyasa flow, astanga, power, pilates and pre-natal. Whether you’re trying to build your strength, calm your mind, or learn to flow and let go, there’s something here for everyone.

Cece Yoga & Pole Fitness

Cece’s goal is to guide you to build strength, flexibility and personal growth while appreciating what your body can do and getting to experience how great you are designed to feel. As their name says, they offer both Vinyasa Flow Yoga, including play time to work on inversions and arm balances, and Pole classes, from conditioning up to combo sequencing. @cece_pole_studio

Go Figure Health Haven

Go Figure’s founder has a background in functional medicine and epigenetics. In 2019 she faced a personal crisis during her second pregnancy. This experience reinforced her belief inthe importance of nurturing through food, herbs, and lifestyle choices. With this passion for holistic wellness, she started the fitness and wellness club to empower women to prioritize their health and well-being in a supportive and nurturing environment, designed to meet the unique needs of women at every stage of life. Go Figure offers a range of wellness classes supported by a creche, ante- and post- natal care, health workshops and nutritional advice, as well as a juice bar.  Mindful movement classes are open to all women, regardless of pregnancy or motherhood. @gofigurehealthhaven

Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is founded by Alexandria Bagot and Michele Ostertag. They hold the belief that individuals can lead healthy lives through balanced diet, conscious living, natural remedies and therapeutics. When treating individuals they take on a vitalistic approach, understanding that all elements of the human being (body, mind and soul) are interconnected both in one’s internal and external environments. This philosophy is strongly integrated into their practice as they embrace each person’s emotional, physical and mental state on the journey towards health and well-being. Their main services include Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bach flower Remedies, and Kundalini Yoga.

Wellness Festivals

Lamu Yoga Festival

The reknowned Lamu Yoga Festival is in its 10th year, an immersive five days of yoga, personal development, breathing, dance, meditation, sound healing and more, with over 150 classes, workshop and over 30 teachers. Immerse yourself in a variety of yoga workshops led by experienced instructors, catering to all levels. Explore different yoga styles and enhance your practice. Engage in guided meditation sessions to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness. At the same time, experience the rich cultural heritage of Lamu through vibrant performances, exhibitions, and workshops: enjoy traditional music, dance, and drumming showcases or engage in cultural workshops to learn traditional African dances and crafts.

Kilifi Wellness Festival

The Kilifi Wellness Festival, which just completed it’s 3rd event this February, hosts four days of holistic wellness sessions, treatments & workshops focused on playfulness, curiosity and connection. You will find a wide variety of classes such as yoga under the grand baobob tree, personal development and consciousness workshops, early morning meditations by the seaside and playful aerial yoga, splashy SUP yoga and meditative painting classes. Practitioners are available to give a variety of treatments and there is a lovely marketplace with all manner of wellness related products. @kilifiwellnessfestival 


Individual Practitioners

Yoga With Kui

Kui first experienced yoga in 2008 through a rare encounter with a Colombian monk, who taught her yoga once a week, planting the proverbial seed. She is a certified yoga teacher, trained in the Himalayas under the able guidance of Sadhviabha Saraswati. She teaches primarily Traditional Hatha yoga; Prayanama (breathing technique) and also practices Thai Massage in a lovely studio in Hardy, Karen. @yogawithkui

Olivia Pendergast – Non Duality Meditation facilitator

Non-duality meditation aims to expand the sense of self (as body and mind) and experience our true selves as pure Consciousness or Awareness. It aims to expand the sense of self (as body and mind) and experience our true selves as pure Consciousness or Awareness. In the simplest way of describing it, it means that we are dropping the sense of being an observer.

Olivia shares in a number of venues, including @ourwonderhouse and @beyondbodykenya

Ornella – Om & Beyond

Ornella offers Yoga, Sound Healing (Tibetan Bowls), Moon Events and is a certified  NLP Life Coach. She is an expert in teaching the inflexible, the emotional, the healing. She is so passionate that the practices she offers can transform your life and change your world. She believes that if you can BREATHE, you can do yoga. I believe healing in all its forms makes life better and is on a mission to make yoga + healing more normal and accessible.  @om.andbeyond

Zep Ouma

Zep is a certified yoga teacher, wellness coach and founder of Zouma Yoga Studio and Reset Yoga Retreat. She teaches various styles of yoga, including a luscious yin, mindfulness meditation,breathing exercises and pilates. She is passionate about helping people improve their physical and mental health through yoga and other holistic practices. With Reset Yoga Retreat, she creates healing spaces outside the city for people to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves.

@zep_ouma @zoumagardenyoga @resetyogaretreat

Akiko Shirai Van der Heijden – Holistic Health Practitioner

Akiko’s innate desire is to help alleviate others’ pain and facilitate healing led her to explore various healing modalities. This culminated in a decision to pursue formal education as a Holistic Health Practitioner at the International Professional School for BodyWork in San Diego. She delved into various Eastern and Western healing methods, including massages, somatic psychology, trauma work, emotional release, Tai Qi, Qigong, yoga, and energy healing. Drawing upon her evolving intuition, she guides clients through transformative experiences, assisting them in accessing their core issues and facilitating integration, shift, and energy alchemy with newfound awareness. Akiko offers private sessions, group workshops and teaches Body Awake Yoga at studios in Karen. @mezame

See Also

Noni Yogini – Yoga & pole dance teacher

Noni teaches you yoga fundamentals for your body & mind wellbeing, practicing across a range of styles, including: power yoga,  Yin yoga, YOD yoga, Prenatal and Partner yoga too. Noni specialises in private yoga for individuals and groups. 

She also teaches pole dancing at @cecepolestudio Email: to arrange for personalized classes.

Nicole Dommasch Systemic Coaching and Family Constellations

Systemic work is a scientifically recognized form of therapy, counseling, and coaching that always considers the individual within the context of their environment, resources, and potential. As a systemic coach, it is assumed that each individual creates their own reality through their conditioning and experiences, and that it is not fundamentally possible for us to objectively judge facts and connections. Each new piece of information is embedded into an existing network of ingrained beliefs and evaluated there, mostly unconsciously. Typically, clients address topics such as: Decision-making questions; Relationship and conflict issues; Personal development; Personal and professional reorientation; Self-confidence and mindfulness; Blockages and stumbling blocks.

Nicole offers a free, 30-minute introductory conversation via Zoom or over the phone. Chat on Whatsapp: +254700781324

Mercy Chege – Yoga Instructor

Mercy has been practicing yoga for most of her 30s and has witnessed how it helps surmount everyday challenges, creating strength, flexibility and fearlessness on and off the mat.  She completed a 200hr vinyasa Hatha flow training with Om and Flow yoga International, but continues to be a student of the practice and is grateful for the kindness and wisdom of teachers and all people she has taught and continues to teach. In her Vinyasa Flow classes, Mercy combines creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help deepen the practice.


Cendra Tisun-Lépinoy – Sound Massage/Sound Bath practitioner

Cendra, a certified Sound Massage practitioner and Sound Bath facilitator trained by the Peter Hess Academy in Belgium & France, is a mindfulness and stress management trainer. Using Tibetan singing bowls, the MBSR method, and Neurofeedback technology, she embodies her mantra ‘Healing the world starts with me.’ Cendra’s journey from a 15-year corporate career to an independent well-being practitioner was inspired by overcoming motherhood burn-out. 


Bliss Yoga by Nina

Nina has been practicing yoga for 6 years and teaching for the past 3. Throughout the years, Nina has watched her practice gift her immense physical and mental well-being, and wants to share those benefits. Her experience has refined her skills and continues to open a creative new world of diverse sequences. Importantly, she observes her students’ bodies and caters to their individual goals and needs. @blissyogake 

Janet Patry – BodyTalk Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, and Life Coach

BodyTalk is an integrative holistic therapy that uses biofeedback and a variety of tapping sequences to activate the body’s own innate intelligence to restore communication, harmony and synchronization of the energy networks of the body and the surrounding environment to optimize overall wellness. Janet’s experience as a Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Instructor makes her approach to holistic wellness refreshing and relatable. 

Sessions are available online or in person @Ora.Spa in Gigiri . Chat on Whatsapp +254706350522

Rachana Amlani – Holistic Healer

Rachana is certified in over 350+ hours of trauma informed yoga, meditation and breathwork. She has been holding space for over 5 years now, in various settings like weekly yoga sessions, special full moon and new moon sharing circles, special retreats and more. Currently I love sharing healing modalities like Reiki energy healing, Family Constellations and Systemic Work, Yoga Nidra meditation, Integrative Somatic Embodiment Coaching, Trauma informed Somatic Therapy Coaching, Energy Healing – all tailored to suit your needs and allow for nervous system regulation and deeper rooting within, in a (w)holistic and embodied way. Rachana is also a certified Reiki Master.  You can meet Rachna at the Sarit Wellness Expo on 3 May.


Shilpa Shah – NLP Life Coach: Coaching, Training & Mentoring Women Leaders & Teams

Have you lost confidence in yourself? Do you feel anxious, procrastinate or overthink decisions? Are you weighed down by past experiences? Having a coach / mentor and learning hand picked tools gives you more independence and confidence to resolve your own challenges and enables you to lead clothes in your life in business, education, therapy, parenting or managing others. Discover your inner limitations, including doubts, fears and thinking patterns and resolve the past experience that holds you back.

@nlpwithshilpa Chat on Whatsapp +254722756606 

Sacred Earth Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Bach flower Remedies, and Kundalini Yoga

Sacred Earth is comprised of duo Alexandria Bagot and Michele Ostertag. They hold the belief that individuals can lead healthy lives through balanced diet, conscious living, natural remedies and therapeutics. When treating individuals they take on a vitalistic approach, understanding that all elements of the human being (body, mind and soul) are interconnected both in one’s internal and external environments. This philosophy is strongly integrated into their practice as they embrace each person’s emotional, physical and mental state on the journey towards health and well-being. @sacredearthkenya

Empathpreneurs – Embodied business coaching

Tara will assist in enabling you to embody your whole self in your business and to align with your truth. She is an IIN certified holistic health coach and Colour Mirrors therapist, so wellbeing and the power of colour feature heavily in her work. Tara can help you create a life that feels nourishing to you by establishing a deep sense of self-trust and releasing fears and anxieties so that you are fully embodied.  In doing so, she will: hold space and guide you to step into your truth; inspire and activate you to be all that you are; help you to connect to all parts of yourself, as without this you aren’t living a whole life; guide you through any fears, resistance or blocks that are holding you back in any way; support you to work and live in tune with your unique needs; remind you of the innate power and wisdom you hold inside, as when you tap into and embody this truly anything is possible.  @empathpreneurs