Untitled Series – Xenson 2019


Until 13 July

Xenson (Samson Ssenkaaba, b. 1978) is a Kampala-based multimedia artist. ‘Olidde mupipa’ (Luganda) is an idiomatic expression that translates to ‘you have eaten from the barrel (the dustbin)’. The phrase implies that one has arrived too late for something, that they have to make do with leftovers. More specifically, the expression refers to the steel drums, which are often sold and repurposed. In his practice, Xenson has adopted these steel barrels, and their offshoots, as a support for painting and as building blocks for the sculptures and installations that make up this exhibition.

NCAI (Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute), Rosslyn Riviera. www.ncai254.com


Here it From a Friend – Richard Kimathi


Until 19 May

Based in Nairobi, Kimathi’s work is confident in line, composition and colour; profound in expression; elegant in its simplicity and honesty; and camouflaged in a caricature-like reductionism rendering a deep and movingly empathetic portrayal of the circumstances of the common Kenyan: the suffering, dignified always, heroic even and without self-pity, privately worn and stoically bourne, as if simply the price of life; patient but, in the compassionate brushwork of the artist, transitory and  redeemable. This sensitivity permeates the entire body of his work.

One-Off Contemporary Art Gallery, Rosslyn Lone Tree. www.oneoffafrica.com


Image @sunnydolat @circleartagency

Tradition[al] : State of Fashion  | curated by Sunny Dolat

Until 14 April

By exploring the works and practices of various contemporary custodians of tradition across the continent, this show draws attention to the diverse spectrum of materials, expressions, silhouettes, and knowledge systems that have, in surviving to this day and age, resisted the oppressions of imperial erasure, thus standing the ultimate test of time. These are continuing their own paths while beginning new life cycles as they and their practitioners embrace, evolve, interrogate or dismantle the ideas of tradition and the traditional in unique ways.

Circle Art Gallery, Victoria Square, Riara Rd. www.circleartagency.com


Boniface Maina courtesy of Red Hill Art


Until 28 April

The body of work delves into the intricate interplay between isolation and captivity, escape and freedom and responsibility, calmness and chaos, and the myriad choices that shape our daily lives. The artist skillfully applies diverse mediums to craft the final expression, ink and bleach drawings on paper and carving and painting on wooden plates, creating a three-dimensional, relief like designed surface. At its core, the endeavor is centered on crafting pieces that strike an ideal equilibrium between form and resilience, encapsulating a harmonious balance of density and strength.

Red Hill Art Gallery, off St. Julian’s Rd., Gatatha Rd, Red Hill www.redhillartgallery.com


Image @joy_maringa


Until 20 April

Maringa’s practice explores the female body and framing of beauty; its presentation, pre-conceptions and contradictions, magnifying these composite parts. The artist is critical of the storytelling strategies that characterise the beauty industry, often primarily targeted at women and how these trends impact self-image, presentation and desirability. In Ode to Nipples Mariga probes constructed societal expectations surrounding womens’ breasts/nipples and what is acceptable in a  public space.

Kobo Trust, 523 Riara Rd. www.thekobotrust.com


LIFE SIZE | Peter Elungat, Olga Tapiola, Anita Naseer, Lily Dolce and Julia Benz

Opening reception 13 April. Running until 31 July.

See Also

Ardhi’s Mentorship program, in collaboration with Peter Elungat, kicks off with this life-sized art exhibition. The two-week accelerator program will focus on various cohorts of female emerging artists entering the program and exhibiting monthly until July 31st.

Parallel Four Hostels Building, Entrance through Adreno’s Bistro, Ole-Sangale Link Rd. www.ardhigallery.com


Image @onyismartin


Until 11 May 2024

A multi-disciplinary artist experimenting with a wide range of materials, Martin’s paintings, drawings and sculptures explore the human condition and the global geopolitical interface, specifically through issues surrounding human trafficking, migration, corruption and displacement. Additionally, he explores matters surrounding communication, the rapidly changing technological environment and the consumerism that surrounds it.

The African Arts Trust, Victoria Square, Riara Rd. www.theafricanartstrust.org


Rusty Souls’s Voyage – Adlan Yousif

MABAKI – Adlan Yousif

Coming from the war zones of Darfur, Yousif was influenced by many scenes of oppression. Like many who grew up in the Darfur region, he saw iron as a material much used for destruction and turned it around to tell stories inspired by war-torn regions and societies. His vision leads to the implementation of sculptural projects, with scrap metal as the basic material allowing the expression of this real tragedy, and the transformation of this hard, rusty and cold material into expressive and poetic poems with a heightened sense of drama.  The musical performance by Yousif originally intended for the opening reception, has been rescheduled for 20 April.

HOF Gallery in the Kibera Arts District. https://houseoffriendskenya.com/hofgallery