Who doesn’t love a slice of Pizza…or all the slices of Pizza. Whether accompanied by a glass of wine (for me), cocktail (also, me), beer (even, me), or just having it with something refreshing; it’s indeed a treat in this sunny – mostly – summery city. So, when that craving hits, here are some options that can’t be topped (wink wink) iN Nairobi. **

Two Grapes

Wine and Friends The Contender The Two Grapes, a delightful wine bar and bistro in Kilimani, recently dropped their wood fired brick oven pizza onto our palettes and we’re Oh So A-DOUGHING this addition to the menu. Serving up a sort of hybrid Neapolitan/Roman style crust, the pizzaiolo applies a 24 hour cold fermentation on their doughs, injecting some seriously welcome sourdough flavour. The small but classic pizza menu delivers on all fronts, but, we have to recommend the Grecian, a killer combo of feta, olives, sun dried tomatoes and fresh spinach. The restaurant extends onto an outdoor tiled terracotta patio, adorned by a beautiful canopy of greenery and a smattering of twinkling fairy lights. Boasting an exciting international – although predominantly French – wine list, and a sweet selection of cocktails, Two Grapes is just too good to ignore.

Geco Cafe

Geco Cafe, a place of creativity and culture where art, cuisine, music, fashion, and adventure come together to create a dynamic experience, is tucked away within the lively Geco Tribe collective. In addition to its varied menu, Geco Cafe offers a mouthwatering selection of pizzas that entice the senses and pique the taste buds. Every pizza, ranging from the traditional Margherita to the spicy Diavola, is made with care and love. The contagious excitement of live band performances envelops diners as they relish the tastes of Geco’s culinary delights, elevating the cafe from a dining destination to a cultural hotspot where each visit guarantees a unique experience.

La Villa

La Villa, calls with the promise of real Italian food presented in a classy setting. The menu has wood-fired pizzas among its culinary treasures, all of which have been carefully prepared to showcase the simplicity and delicious tastes of Italian gastronomy. La Villa, which was inspired by a profound love of Italian cuisine, is a haven where families and friends congregate to enjoy classic Italian fare and a wonderful wine selection. The creators of La Villa have been toiling nonstop for more than two years to realize their vision, crafting a sanctuary where each component bursts with taste and each moment is treasured. Enter La Villa to have a flavor of Italy right in the center of Nairobi.

Fabio’s Pizza

Experience the passion and expertise of Chef Fabio as he individually creates each dish at Fabio’s Pizza. This culinary gem, located at Alchemist in Westlands, delights the senses with its delectable pizzas and vibrant social scene. From the rich Quattro Formaggi to the salty Raffa, each pizza tells a story of taste and creativity. Taste the La Romana, a creamy spinach and artichoke dish. Fabio’s Pizza offers a vibrant atmosphere and outside eating where you can savor the taste of Italy in every bite.

Yunion GTC Mall

Uncover exquisite meals at Yunion Restaurant and Bar, a popular destination nestled in the GTC Westlands of Nairobi. Yunion entices customers with its excellent cuisine, faultless service, and nice atmosphere with its broad menu and inexpensive costs. Yunion caters to all tastes with its assortment of small plates and delicious chicken dishes, making it a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With its great location and indoor/outdoor eating options, Yunion ensures a memorable dinner for friends and family.

Il Giocoliere

Il Giocoliere is a charming little restaurant tucked away in the Warwick Centre on UN Avenue Gigiri Nairobi. Come experience the elegance of Italian cuisine there. Il Giocoliere is a haven of calm and delicious food, complete with cozy outdoor sitting and amazing beverages. Every meal at Il Giocoliere is a testament to the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and welcoming service, from the delicious pizza bread served with dips to the decadent pasta meals and specials. Savor the delectable tastes of Italy in a friendly environment created by a kind Italian family.


Italian and Latin cuisines meld at Bambino to offer a unique dining experience. Bambino, which is housed in the sleek Nine West Building in the Westlands Business District, welcomes patrons to enjoy specially prepared dishes in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. All of Bambino’s pizzas, from the traditional Margherita to the earthy depth of the Funghi, are a celebration of creative tastes and real ingredients. Take in Bambino’s lively atmosphere and let your taste buds to dance with joy.

Solo Grano

The Beast Firstly we begin with Solo Grano, relatively new to the Capital, but already oozing gloriously, this cute pizzeria is located in Gigiri – making up a good chunk of the Craft Center food court. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and, well, Pizza, Solo Grano creates a cozy ambiance perfect for families and groups, and flanked by the tiki bar, a cold brew is never out of reach. The menu features a range of both classic and more adventurous pizza options, with fresh ingredients, and thoughtful flavor combinations. A must to try, we recommend the Salsiccia e Spinaci, and Rucola Gorgonzola.


The OG Pomodoro, conveniently located at The Village Market food court in Gigiri is one of the city’s longest standing pizza restaurants that offers a very tasty, very genuinely Roman, pizza experience. Perhaps the most unique trait of this Nairobi favourite is that it serves a huge variety of Pizza al Taglio,” which translated means “by the cut,” in addition to classic round pizza pies. The menu features an extensive selection of delicious pizzas, focaccia, bruschetta and other bread forward delights, focusing on high-quality ingredients and innovative toppings. It’s great for takeaway or just on-the-go slices. Tried and tested for over 20 years, Pomodoro couldn’t not make the cut. Go for the Indiana, and go back for more.

MAMBO ITALIA WESTLANDS, Nairobi - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

Mambo Italia

Mambo Italia first opened its doors nearly 10 years ago at the Lavington Curve, and now with locations in Westlands and Garden City (Thika Road), it’s cemented its mark on the Capital. A contemporary Italian restaurant that offers a relaxed casual dining experience, Mambo Italia’s menu features a cool smattering of authentic Italian cuisine, with a range of deliciously modern pizzas, all made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection in a wood-fired brick oven. With its warm and inviting decor, the restaurant creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for groups, families or even an intimate night out. Go for the Spirito di Milano, a combination of Fillet Steak, Gorgonzola, Tomato Salsa and Caramelised Onions.

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360 Degrees Pizza

360 Degrees

This stylish pizzeria is located at the ABC complex in Lavington, and has long offered a unique dining experience that is both elegant and relaxed. The menu features an extensive selection of yummy pizzas in a style that pays homage to old world Vera Pizza Napolitano traditions, but is a contemporary take on the style. With offers of gluten-free options as well as build-your-own pizza. Its warm, modern, and inviting ambiance makes 360° Degree Pizza perfect for a family night or with a group of friends. The Salciccia & Burrata with Mozzarella, Cipollini Onions, Fennel Pork Sausage and Dill is nothing short of fabulous.

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This popular Italian eatery in Karen boasts an extensive a la carte menu featuring a smattering of classic Italian, Continental and Mediterranean inspired dishes, but what keeps us going back is the Pizza. A deliciously designed pizza, the crust is thin and crispy on the base with a slight rise in the crust and a generous smattering of toppings. Set in a sprawling garden, Matteos is perfect for long lazy family filled weekenders… and a mid-week takeaway!

Gogol Pizza

A favourite with the Loresho and Kyuna locals, Gogol Pizzeria – named for the enigmatic 19th century Russian Empire author Nicolai Gogol – is known for utilising old Italian recipes and classic Italian techniques in its meals. Paying meticulous attention to each dish, they use a variety of fresh local ingredients with the highest quality. The restaurant is designed with particular flair and one can’t help but get lost in the ambiance which transports you straight into a picturesque 1950’s Italian pizzeria in the heart of Roma! Good to note though, they don’t serve any alcohol. Go for the incredibly indulgent Calzones.

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Mediterraneo: This upscale Italian restaurant is known for its exceptional cuisine, including its delicious pizzas. The restaurant features a chic and elegant atmosphere, with comfortable seating, dim lighting, and a menu that is simple and to the point. The pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and feature quality ingredients, making for a truly authentic experience. An oldie but a goodie, go for the classics.

Numerous pizzerias in Nairobi’s thriving food scene entice with mouthwatering flavors and scents that stimulate the senses. Pizza lovers will find a wide variety of alternatives in the city, from lively restaurants bustling with activity to charming pizzerias nestled away in peaceful corners. Nairobi’s pizza scene has options to suit every taste, whether you’re drawn to the inventive twists of artisanal dishes or the classic beauty of wood-fired crusts. So, embark on a gastronomic adventure and discover the best pizza spots this vibrant city has to offer, where every slice tells a story of passion, flavor, and culinary excellence.